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Tips for Finding the Right Apartment for You
June 24, 2019

Starting the apartment hunt can be overwhelming and seem daunting. From finding a unit that fits your budget, your needs, and the extra features you might be looking for, the search can stretch out longer than you want to. To make the process easier and more efficient, our team is sharing their tips for finding the right apartment for you.

Determine What You Want

Make a list of everything you’re looking for in an apartment and make note of those things that are crucial and those things that aren’t as necessary. From there, start the hunt online and don’t feel obligated to see every unit you view online. List out the units and properties that check off all of the boxes and schedule a time to see the apartment in-person.

Determine Your Budget

Once you determine what you features and amenities you’re looking for in your next apartment, figure out what your budget is. The worst thing that you can do is view an apartment that’s completely out of your budget and fall in love with it. When figuring out what your budget is for your next apartment, consider your monthly income, your monthly bills and expenses, and day-to-day expenses. From there, have a budget range so you have the flexibility for different units instead of committing to one price.

Stay Organized

When you’re viewing multiple apartments at once on top of looking at various units online, it’s easy to get them mixed up. To avoid confusion, create a spreadsheet that outlines each unit, the features and amenities, utilities, and cost of rent.

Bring Your Roommate(s)

If you’re planning on living with a roommate or significant other, it’s important to bring them with you on the in-person tours so they can see the unit themselves and void any disagreements in the future.

Do You Need Access to Public Transportation?

Whether you have a vehicle or not, considering the proximity of public transportation to your new apartment is crucial. Public transportation also allows you to limit your carbon footprint and save money on monthly vehicle costs.

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