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Pool Games to Play This Summer
July 24, 2019

Even with August just a week away, summer is still in full swing and we don’t expect to experience cool temperatures any time soon. By utilizing the pool at The Vantage Apartments, you’re able to cool down, stay active, and have some fun for the remainder of the summer. If you’re looking for a way to stay busy with friends or family in our pool, give these pool games a try!

Keep Away

Whether you play in the pool or on land, keep away is an easy and fun game and it only requires a ball! Start by designating who is going to be “it” and have them start in the middle between you and the other individuals playing. Start by tossing the ball and keep it away from the person that is “it” for as long as possible. Once that person gets the ball, whoever touched it last is now “it”.

Underwater Races

Everyone loves some friendly competition! Underwater races help improve breath control and swimming form. Start at one end of the pool and race the length of the pool, and try to get as far as possible in one breath. Whoever gets furthest, wins.

Diving Contest

While diving contests aren’t always ideal with other people in the pool, they’re still fun! Have someone be the judge and each person can do their dive into the pool. Judge on form, creativity, and furthers jump.


Take a plastic water bottle (remove the label), fill it with water, and toss it in the pool. The first person to find the water bottle wins. And trust us, this is harder than it might sound!