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How to Transition Your Space for a New Season
August 6, 2019

School is back in session, the temperatures are finally cooling, and before we know it, summer will be over and fall will be in full swing. As we move into the new season, it’s the perfect time to start pulling out the heavier blankets, utilizing rich jewel tones and declutter your space after a hectic summer.

Start by Cleaning & Decluttering

Let’s face it: the summer months are typically insane – The kids are home from school, work gets crazy, you’re in and out of town on vacation. Before you start swapping out the accents in your home and purchasing new furniture, purge your home, get rid of clutter, and deep clean each room. Don’t forget to go through drawers, cabinets, and storage baskets. Since these areas tend to be forgotten about, they tend to get the most cluttered. To help get things organized, add hooks to walls and doors for backpacks and jackets, utilize storage containers in drawers to keep cords and miscellaneous items organized, and always have a home for each of the items you are keeping. For seasonal items, you won’t be utilizing until spring and summer, utilize storage bins and place them in your attic, garage, or storage closet.

New Candle Scents

The best part of transitioning into fall? All of the delicious candle scents! Bring on all of the pumpkin, vanilla, and cider smells to instantly transform your home from a summer oasis to a cozy fall.

Incorporate Jewel Tones into Your Decor

Jewel tones automatically make your home scream fall, so why not add them to your space? In order to stay under budget with your fall home updates, try updating small items. This can include pillows, throw blankets, and wall decor.

Place Seasonal Fruits and Flowers Around Your Home

An easy way to transition into fall is by placing seasonal fruits and flowers around your home, and all it takes is a quick trip to the grocery store! Utilize fresh apples, berries, nuts, and sunflowers to not only bring the seasonal aspect into your space but to also touch on those jewel tones as well. To freshen up the decor in your home, place some pinecones, bundle sticks, and some cranberries into a glass container on your kitchen table.