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How to Make Your New Apartment Feel Like Home
March 22, 2019

Signing a lease for a new apartment is always so exciting! The not-so-exciting part? Unpacking all of your belongings and dealing with the mess. The faster you handle this process though, the faster your new apartment will feel like home. To make the transition easier (and go by faster!), give these tips a try.

1. Do a Deep Clean

Before unpacking ANYTHING, do a deep clean of your new space, even if it was already done for you. This way, you will know that you’re starting off on the right foot (the clean one) and you will be able to find the spots that might have been forgotten about by the previous tenants.

2. Unpack

Having boxes sitting around your new space for weeks upon weeks can be frustrating. Focus on unpacking one to two after work each night and you’ll be unpacked in no time!

3. Purchase Real Furniture

Furniture is expensive, so buying all new furniture for your home might not be possible but work on upgrading those pieces that you purchased in college from Ikea. Having new furniture in your home that reflect your personality will make you feel more at home in no time,

4. Display Sentimental Items

Yes – Even the blanket your grandmother knit for you twenty years ago. These familiar items will make your new space feel less like a room with four walls and more like your home.

5. Make it a Point to Cook the First Few Weeks

We get it, life gets busy and sometimes take out is the best option. But, as you’re settling into your new space, cooking dinner for yourself in your new kitchen will make it feel “warn in” quicker instead of like a hotel stay.