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5 Benefits of Pilates
July 11, 2019

Pilates is a great full-body workout and it’s one of those workouts that people either love or they’ve never tried it. Are you part of the latter group? You’re in luck! When living at The Vantage Apartments, residents get access to our Pilates studio. Here are some of the benefits of giving Pilates a try.

1. Whole-Body Fitness

There are very few fitness classes that are full-body workouts, and Pilates is one of the ones that does target all areas of your body. As a whole, the fitness class will have a stronger focus on your core strength, but you will also trains the body to integrate each limb as a whole. Pilates is also a mind-body workout, similar to yoga. Focus on proper breathing, connect your spine, and concentrate on smooth, flowing movement.

2. Develops Core Strength

As we already mentioned, Pilates is great for your core strength. If you’ve always been one to exercise but haven’t seen any development in your abs – Give Pilates a try! Your core muscles are the deep muscles in the back, abdomen, and pelvic floor and are ones you rely on on a daily basis to ensure good posture, efficient movements, and a strong back.

3. Pilates Makes You More Flexible

In addition to developing core strength, Pilates helps stretch and lengthen the muscle in your body and the range of motion of your joints. Over time, working these areas of your body will allow you to become more flexible. If you practice another sport, you’ll see an increase in your abilities with the addition of Pilates into your workout regimen.

4. Increases Energy

It’s known that the more you exercise, the more energy you will have, and the more you will be able to get done in a day. Even on the days that you don’t have time to exercise, doing a quick 5-minute Pilates pick-me-up will get your breath circulated, stimulate the spine and muscles, and will flood your body with those endorphins you get from a typical workout.

5. There are Many Ways to Practice Pilates

Whether it’s on the floor or with a reformer, in our studio or in your apartment, Pilates instruction is increasingly easy to come by! We always suggest taking a class or two before trying to do Pilates on your own, and once you understand some of the moves, it’s easy to do without equipment.